Mayoral Candidates Need To Speak Out on New Round of Charter School Expansion

An Open Letter From PCAPS Leaders 6a00e54f8c25c988340133f4bf18a4970b-500wi With charter school advocates pressing for a new round of expansion there is a need for those who would lead Philadelphia to address what this will mean for public education in our city. We believe the following points need to be recognized: 1). Charter expansion comes at a […]

Yesterday Pennsylvania Voted For Good Schools. Now Let’s Make It Happen!

Yesterday Pennsylvania’s voters went to the polls in record numbers for an off year election and cast their vote for strong public schools. Tom Wolf, virtually unknown before this year, was able to capture the governor’s office by making this election about education. Tom Corbett, in spite of a strong national tide running in favor […]

We Want Sustainable Community Schools

Over a hundred people came together at Arch St. Methodist Church last night to kick of a campaign for sustainable community schools. The event was part of a national week of action in 15 cities across the country, sponsored by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) Sustainable community schools are a transformative alternative to […]

Education Report Card Time for Corbett and Wolf

For this election year we have been asking people to vote for candidates based on their willingness to support the five points highlighted below. With the election scheduled for next Tuesday we have a report card on the two gubernatorial candidates based on how they stack up. 1-Support a funding formula that will distribute state […]